Sharmila Tagore Discussed Her Swimsuit In ‘An Evening In Paris’

Recently, Sharmila Tagore discussed how her bikini scene from the 1967 film An Evening in Paris was received. She claimed that the general public and the film business were “quite surprised” by it. Even in the Parliament at the time, the legendary actor said, there were inquiries about it. Sharmila reported another incident in which she requested her driver to remove a movie poster from close to her home in the middle of the night since her mother-in-law was “coming to town.”

The Times of India recently cited Sharmila Tagore as remarking at an event regarding the response to her movie An Evening in Paris. , “When I did An Evening In Paris, my bikini scene was shocking. The public, including the industry, was quite surprised. I believe there were questions asked in Parliament at that time. Although it looks very innocent now, compared to the kind of films we see today.

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