Shakira Critiques Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” for Emasculating Themes

Renowned Colombian pop sensation Shakira has offered a candid critique of Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed film “Barbie,” in contrast to the widespread adoration it has received from other celebrities.

In a recent profile and cover story with Allure, Shakira, whose latest album “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Women No Longer Cry)” delves into themes of empowerment following heartbreak, shared her perspective on the Oscar-winning movie.

Expressing her blunt opinion, Shakira stated, “My sons were not fond of it. They perceived it as emasculating, and I concur, to an extent. I’m raising two boys, and I want them to feel empowered while still respecting women. I appreciate pop culture’s efforts to empower women without undermining men’s ability to be men, to fulfill their roles as protectors and providers.”

Further elaborating on her stance, Shakira emphasized, “I advocate for equipping women with all the tools and confidence to excel without sacrificing our femininity. I believe that men and women each have distinct roles in society, and our mutual support should not be overlooked.”

Responding to interviewer Patricia Alfonso Tortolani’s apparent surprise at her viewpoint, Shakira posed a thought-provoking question, “Just because a woman can do it all, does that mean she should?”

In her response, the singer advocated for sharing responsibilities with those who are equally deserving and obligated to bear them.

Alfonso Tortolani identified Shakira’s perspective on “Barbie” as part of what she termed the “Shakira Paradox” — the belief that women should have agency and power while still expecting men to fulfill traditional roles.

Despite Shakira’s reservations, “Barbie” achieved significant success, making history as the first film directed solely by a woman to gross over $1 billion and garnering eight Oscar nominations, including a win for Best Original Song.

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