Shah Rukh Khan Hints at Jawan Sequel and Addresses Female Cast Proportions in Latest Movie

Shah Rukh Khan, an actor, hinted a second installment of his most recent action movie, Jawan, in a message to a fan. Shah Rukh praised his followers for their support of his new movie on X, formerly known as Twitter. He also responded to a query on the proportion of female actors in Jawan.

On X, a user wrote, “Sir I don’t want to give spoilers but what a speech in the end!!!!.” Shah Rukh responded to fan, “Arree usmein spoiler nahi hai…. Desh ki bhalaai ke liye sab spoilers maaf (That’s not a spoiler… All spoilers are excused for the good of the nation). Everyone should exercise their right to vote intelligently and responsibly. Par haan… isko chhodh ke baaki film ki spoilers main nahi bata raha hoon! Aur aap bhi matt bataana please (But I won’t share any other spoilers except this! You also don’t share please).”

Someone posted a number of images of Shah Rukh with the female actors from the movie, including Nayanthara and Deepika Padukone. They enquired, “Itni ladkiyan kyun hai sir film mein (Why are there so many girls in the film sir)?”

SRK said, “Yeh sab kyun ginn raha hai… mere looks ginn na (Why are you counting all these…count my looks)!! Keep love and respect in your heart and maa aur beti ka samman karo….aur aage badho (Keep love and respect in your heart and respect mother and daughter and go ahead)!”

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