Sajid Is Eternally Thankful to Salman Khan For The Remembrance Of Brother Wajid

Musician Sajid Khan has recently recalled collaborating with his late brother on the song Tere Bina, which appears in Salman Khan’s newest movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. He added that Wajid’s inclusion in the new movie was made possible by Salman’s fondness and remembrance of the song.

Sajid admitted to ETimes that he did not enjoy writing lyrics but did it to allow Wajid to resume his musical career and distract himself from his illness. When the song was finished, Wajid informed Sajid, “Sajid bhai yeh gaana kuchh alag hee cheez bann gaya hai (Brother Sajid, this song has reached another level).” Sajid added that Wajid would sing the mukhda (starting) or an antara (second para) of the song and ask him to sing the rest. “That’s how we used to work. If I made the mukhda then he would make the antara and vice versa. I used to push him so that he would get his mind off his illness. I never knew that I would have to complete this song without him.”

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