Saif Ali Khan’s Potrayal of ‘Raavan’ has The Internet in Splits

On Friday, Adipurush was eventually launched in theaters all over the world, and it even received a rousing reception with a 140 crore opening. Following that, other moviegoers discovered peculiarities that quickly turned into social media memes. Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Lankesh with 10 heads has drawn some of the funniest responses among the many criticisms voiced by both the audience and the critics. Many people expressed their opinions on Reddit after wishing they could have avoided seeing Saif wearing a black T-shirt.

A Reddit user posted a still from the movie Adipurush with the caption, “Sitting arrangement in rickshaw. Thoda age piche hoke beth jao sab aa jayenge (please adjust a little).”

It was difficult for some people to accept that it was a scene. A Reddit user enquired, “So this is an actual scene from this movie and not an edited pic?” Another asked, “This is an edit for the meme right? Please tell me this isn’t actually from the movie.”

Everyone was raving about Saif’s outfit. The other responded, “I have the same T-shirt from Decathlon.” Someone else questioned, “Is Raavan seriously wearing a T-shirt?” Another questioned, “Is he sporting a T-shirt? 600 billion rupees? Why, bro, is Ravan sporting a jockey T-shirt? read a different query.

The Hindustan Times described Adipurush as a visual spectacle and referred to Saif as the movie’s “saving grace.” As a caveat, the reviewer said, “Please just simply ignore the portions with his nine other heads – I am still struggling to find words to explain them.”

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