Sadak 2 Actress Chrisann Pereira locked in Sharjah jail

Chrisann Pereira, a dancer and performer from Mumbai, has been detained in the Sharjah Central Jail in the United Arab Emirates. According to what we have learned, Chrisann was detained by airport security after being found in possession of drugs.

Family members of Chrisann agree that their daughter is the case’s victim. Kevin, Chrisann’s brother, claims that their family has through “emotional torture” over the past two weeks because of the drug cartel’s framing of his sister, who is actually innocent.

Since Chrisann arrived at the airport in Sharjah, the family claims they have not even been able to speak with her. After 72 hours, “the Indian Consulate informed us that she had been arrested and was being held at Sharjah Central Jail,” he continues.The family claims that a man The family claims that a man who claimed to be Ravi conned Chrisann.

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