Roger Waters Being Investigated By Berline Police For Incitement

Roger Waters is being investigated by Berlin police on suspicion of incitement due to a costume the co-founder of Pink Floyd donned when performing in the city last week, the police announced on Friday.

Social media posts featured Waters brandishing a toy machine gun while wearing a long, black coat and a red armband. The assumption that the costume’s context would amount to a glorification, justification, or endorsement of Nazi rule and, therefore, a disruption of the public peace, led to the opening of an inquiry, the police confirmed.
The matter will be given to Berlin prosecutors after the police investigation is finished, and they will determine whether to file any charges.
For supporting the BDS movement, which urges boycotts and sanctions against Israel, Waters has come under fire. Antisemitism allegations have been dismissed by him.
Authorities in Frankfurt attempted to stop a concert that was set on May 28 there, but Waters successfully contested those efforts in a local court.

Munich’s city council claimed to have looked into the possibility of prohibiting a concert but came to the conclusion that terminating a contract with the promoter was not permissible under the law.On Sunday, the head of the neighborhood’s Jewish community joined a demonstration that was held in conjunction with his presentation there.
In the previous year, the Polish city of Krakow canceled performances by Roger Waters due to his support of Russia in its conflict with Ukraine.

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