Rhea Kapoor Confirms Exciting Plans for ‘Veere Di Wedding 2’

A New Era for Female-Centric Films

In a surprising revelation, Rhea Kapoor, the renowned producer behind the 2018 chick flick sensation, “Veere Di Wedding,” starring Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, has officially confirmed the production of the long-anticipated sequel, “Veere Di Wedding 2.” This eagerly awaited project promises to break the mold of its predecessor.

Rhea Kapoor, who brought the lives of four close friends to the big screen, shared her vision for the sequel, “I’m diligently working on ‘Veere Di Wedding 2.’ It’s going to be unlike anything anyone expects. I was determined to take on this project only when I knew it could surpass the first installment. It’s a challenging task because ‘Veere Di Wedding’ holds a special place in my heart. I adore that film and feel deeply connected to it. I wouldn’t have pursued this if it didn’t promise the same joy as the first one. So, yes, ‘Veere Di Wedding 2’ is in the pipeline.”

In the original film, themes of female friendships and sexual liberation took center stage, and Rhea Kapoor’s most recent project, “Thank You For Coming,” also ventured into the realm of sexual comedy. When questioned about the notion of empowerment within her works, Kapoor expressed, “When I made ‘Veere Di Wedding,’ there were debates about whether drinking and smoking equated to empowerment. Now, the discussion revolves around the idea that sex is or isn’t empowering.”

While the official cast for “Veere Di Wedding 2” remains a well-guarded secret, persistent rumors suggest that the iconic duo of Kareena and Sonam Kapoor might be poised to reunite, ensuring a promising future for this beloved female-centric film franchise.

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