Reservation Dogs Concludes its Groundbreaking Journey with Third Season

The critically acclaimed FX series, Reservation Dogs, is preparing to bid farewell as it approaches its third and final season. Set to premiere in August on Hulu, the show’s co-creator, Sterlin Harjo, took to Instagram to announce the news, sharing the bittersweet decision with fans.

In his Instagram post, Harjo expressed the difficulty of reaching this conclusion, stating, “That’s a difficult line to write and a more difficult decision to make. However, it’s the correct decision creatively for the show.” He further revealed that he had always known how the story would conclude, though the timing had been uncertain. Reflecting on the show’s journey, he expressed gratitude that Reservation Dogs became a reality despite his initial skepticism.

Developed by Harjo and co-creator Taika Waititi, Reservation Dogs follows the spirited adventures of Elora Danan (Devery Jacobs), Bear Smallhill (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis), and Cheese (Lane Factor) – four Indigenous teenagers navigating life in rural Oklahoma. Following the loss of their fifth member, the group embarks on a journey of theft, schemes, and aspirations to fulfill their fallen comrade’s dream of reaching the enchanting land of California. However, their criminal endeavors take unexpected turns, leading each member to forge their own path.

Harjo emphasized the show’s significant purpose, stating, “The first and most basic idea for us as Native people was to show the world that Native humor and Natives are funny. Almost all television and film depictions about Native people are most inaccurate. And most of them have been untruthful.” He expressed the show’s responsibility to provide an authentic portrayal of Indigenous culture and its people, highlighting the joy of collaborating with a team entirely comprised of Native writers, directors, and actors.

Acknowledging the show’s enthusiastic reception from audiences and critics alike, Harjo expressed gratitude for the support received from the production team, including producer Garrett Basch, FX, and Hulu. He concluded his statement by extending appreciation to the talented cast and all those who contributed to the show’s success.

While the third season marks the end of this particular story, Harjo hinted at the possibility of Reservation Dogs characters appearing in future projects within the Rez Dogs universe. This notion, along with the show’s groundbreaking nature, was echoed by an FX spokesman, who described Reservation Dogs as “historic and groundbreaking.” The spokesman praised Harjo and Waititi for their creation, hailing it as one of the most important TV shows ever made due to its unique and honest portrayal of Native people.

FX expressed their full support for Harjo and Waititi’s decision to conclude the series, ensuring that its legacy will endure. Although fans may be saddened by the approaching end, they can eagerly anticipate the upcoming season and look forward to the continued storytelling endeavors of Harjo, Waititi, and Basch in collaboration with FX.

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