Rebel Wilson Recovers Strongly Following On-Set Mishap While Filming ‘Bride Hard

In a recent turn of events, Rebel Wilson, the accomplished actress, has faced an unexpected challenge in the pursuit of her craft. The incident occurred during the filming of her latest movie, “Bride Hard,” where Wilson was inadvertently struck in the face with the rear end of a prop firearm. The mishap took place on the set of the movie, which features Wilson portraying a bridesmaid with a hidden identity as a secret agent. The film’s plot revolves around a daring rescue mission at a wedding, involving the takeover of hostages by a group of mercenaries.

Taking to her Instagram account, Wilson updated her 11 million followers on her condition following the stunt accident. Despite initially requiring stitches to address her injuries, Wilson assured her fans that her recovery is progressing well. The actress shared a video in which her healing nose was visibly prominent and provided a close-up view of the damage.

“The stitches from my on-set accident last week have dissolved,” Wilson explained in the video, detailing the sequence of events. “During a night shoot, in the final scene of the movie, I had completed several intense fight sequences. However, in the last one, I unexpectedly sustained an injury when I was struck in the face by the butt of a prop gun. It was a complete accident and quite a shock. Fortunately, my healing process is going remarkably well. I’m incredibly grateful for all the well wishes I’ve received.”

This incident was first brought to light by Wilson herself through an Instagram Story post last week. Alongside an image of her injury, she expressed her disappointment, writing, “NOT the way I wanted to end this movie! 3 stitches and in the hospital last night after a stunt accident at 4 am 😢.”

Wilson’s dedication to her role and her commitment to her recovery underscore the challenges that actors often face in their pursuit of bringing characters to life authentically on the silver screen. As she continues her healing journey, fans around the world are undoubtedly relieved to see her resilience and positive outlook in the face of adversity.

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