Rashmika Mandanna Hypes The ‘Animal’ Crew as Filming Ends

The cast and crew of the upcoming movie Animal have received a lengthy statement from actor Rashmika Mandanna. On Tuesday, Rashmika gushed about her film’s co-star, actor Ranbir Kapoor, on Instagram Stories. Rashmika admitted that she was “super nervous” before the Animal filming began. The actor claimed that Ranbir is flawless because “God really took his time to make” him. He is a “brilliant actor and amazing human,” she said.

Rashmika wrote in caption, “20/6/2023. Dear diary. Today.. hmm no actually last night I had night shoot and I just wrapped up and I am back in Hyderabad and tonight I start work on Pushpa 2 (laughing emoji). But first I wanted to say a few things about how much I loved working on the sets of #Animal (red heart emoji). Initially na.. the film came so suddenly to me, was really surprising but I was extremely extremely excited for Animal Cz of course I wanted to work with the whole team.”

She further added, “I think I’ve shot for about 50 days now for this film.. and now that it’s over, I am starting to feel one big void. I absolutely loved working with my boys to the extent that they have and will always have a special place in my heart. The whole team are such darlings ya.. everyone who I worked with on set are so professional and yet so kind-hearted and I in fact kept mentioning to them that I would’ve loveeeed to work with them for 1000 more times and I’d still be so happy.

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