Ranveer Singh a big fan of the Korean band BTS , says Radhika Bangia

BTS has millions of admirers worldwide, and it appears that a new celebrity has just joined the group. Ranveer Singh, the actor, is there. Influential actor Radhika Bangia talked about her discussion on BTS with Ranveer. She disclosed that Ranveer praised the South Korean group in great detail.

Radhika described Ranveer as “wonderful, very warm, and so much pleasure to be around.” She added that Ranveer offers a wealth of knowledge. Ranveer said a number of Korean terms in a video the two of them had recorded. Radhika recalls Ranveer being “very energetic” as if it were his first shot when she talked about it.

Radhika claimed in an interview with Zoom Digital that Ranveer had no knowledge about the Korean words he repeated after hearing her. “No, he wasn’t conscious; he just seemed to not understand what I was saying. I had to explain to him that our actions were completely random and that this signifies this and this “She spoke.

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