Rakul Preet Singh’s Chhatriwali throws a social TABOO

Chhatriwali, Rakul Preet Singh’s first release of the year, is prepared. The actress, who appears in several movies every year, is currently the star of a movie in which she decides to teach the next generation about safe sex. R

akul is shown in the recently released video as an unapologetic young woman who decides to become a teacher to instruct school-age youngsters about safe sex and reproduction.

Rakul is questioned by Sumeet Vyas in the teaser on why anyone would use protection during intercourse. She learns that a loved one is having an abortion because of unprotected sex and that male and female reproduction are optional subjects in school textbooks.

She confronts the administration of the school to stop teaching sex education as an elective subject and begins holding sessions to address sex-related questions. Along with that, she gathers housewives and educates them on protected sex.

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