Rakul Preet Singh Amused At The Lack of Sex Education in India

Even two weeks after its debut, actor Rakul Preet Singh’s most recent film Chhatriwali still holds the #1 rank on Zee5. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Rakul, who starred as Sanya, a small-town condom quality inspector, spoke candidly about the movie and addressed some queries that viewers of Chhatriwali might have.

She previously shared a story about her sex education class experience at school, describing how she was giddy and eager for it to be over. She stated, I think the problem is when we don’t speak facts as facts and go round and round.

” I don’t know where the difference comes from because the schools have it in the curriculum. But I don’t know what made us laugh at that time. Now that I look back and be like ‘why were we giggly and shy?’ It’s somewhere that society is controlling our minds. If that needs to be changed then it needs to start from home. Awareness about your body is important. There’s a difference between being aware of yourself and exploiting yourself.

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