Rajkumar Rao speaks about the growing popularity of OTT

Rajkummar Rao’s filmography consists of both theatrical releases and on-demand content, and the actor acknowledges that this is a sign of the platforms’ peaceful cohabitation and the absence of any symptoms of competition.

Given the abundance of platforms available now, it’s a perfect moment to share tales. Theaters will, of course, always exist. But what the OTT platforms have done is given so many individuals opportunities who were not receiving the type of job they deserve, Rao explains..

“I’m just happy because there are so many of my friends, who were immensely talented but were not getting enough work. But through these platforms, they are getting to show their talents through different stories and different characters,” adds the 38-year-old.They will undoubtedly live together. OTT will operate in a separate sector. They will just encourage one another.”

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