Rajkumar Rao reveals a startling fact about Gangs of Wasseypur

One of the numerous performers who played a small but crucial role in the cult movie Gangs of Wasseypur was Rajkummar Rao. Despite having a small part in the movie, But the actor recently revealed that when he was initially approached for the movie, he was initially intended to play one of the leads.

In an interview with comedian Zakir Khan that Netflix India posted online, Rajkummar discussed Gangs of Wasseypur among other topics. After witnessing LSD (Love Se Aur Dhokha), Anurag sir called and said, “I’m creating a movie; come meet me,” according to Rajkummar. So when I first met him, all he had was a story—or rather, the outline of a story. And the movie he was narrating at the time was Faisal Khan (Nawazuddin) vs. Shamshad Alam. I took a small tape recorder to Wasseypur with me and Nawaz so I could record the locals there.

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