Rajkumar Rao promotes Monica O My Darling

Raj Kumar Rao is an actor who fits a different mold. He doesn’t chase after the numbers game or glamour and razzmatazz; instead, he simply lets his work speak for itself. He has developed into one of the most bankable actors in the business over the years thanks to his pure skill and hard work. The Trapped actor revealed that he is currently only acting in movies if he believes in the storyline and for no other reason as he looks forward to his upcoming feature, Monica O My Darling.

Speaking during the premiere of the movie’s trailer, Raj Kumar expressed his gratitude for having worked on a variety of projects this year and expressed the hope that he would do the same thing the following year. The future plan is to continue producing excellent work, with the author expressing gratitude for having such a diverse body of work in his portfolio.

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