Radhika Apte speaks about her role in ‘Monica, O my Darling ‘

As an actor, Radhika Apte Doesn’t require any introduction. She plays a crooked cop in her most recent film, Monica, O My Darling, and she acknowledges that it was a difficult character to play.

The Hunterrr actor recently admitted in an interview with IANS that she has never played a corrupt comic cop before despite the fact that the genre of crisp comedy naturally suits her. Although she admitted to being anxious about the act, the director Vasan Bala had complete faith in her, which encouraged her to carry out her performance.

When asked about her experience working with Rajkummar Rao, Radhika said that it was enjoyable and that she particularly enjoyed their on-screen interactions. She also expressed her hope to land more comedy roles in the future. Additionally, Radhika and Rajkummar revisit a popular meme in the film. It’s interesting that she hadn’t seen the “Kya karun main itni sundar hun” meme before and hadn’t seen any of the videos that were based on it until much later.

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