Radhika Apte Hates Getting Late Scripts

In the Zee5 movie Mrs. Undercover, Radhika Apte portrays a former special agent who has retired and settled down in domesticity. She talked about the challenging circumstances that arise when performers agree to a project only to later find out that they don’t like the screenplay.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Radhika discussed how occasionally actors find themselves in a tight spot when a movie they’re working on abruptly changes course. She clarified, “I find it difficult when they don’t give you the script and it comes much later and there are lots of things you would have had a problem with… but now you’re shooting. I’ve had films where scripts were changed so last minute. And you’re like I don’t agree with this, but you have no option because the whole unit is standing and waiting. Even though things are in your contract, things don’t go as per the contract.”

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