R Parthiban’s Iravin Nizhal gets an OTT release date

Iravin Nizhal, the first single-shot non-linear movie ever made, was R Parthiban’s most recent production and was released in theatres in July. However, the movie was not made available on OTT platforms until three months following its initial release. The single-shot movie “Iravin Nizhal ” by R Parthiban has an OTT release date, thus the fans’ wait is finally over. Iravin Nizhal will start streaming on a well-known OTT platform today or tomorrow, according to an official tweet from R Parthiban regarding the movie’s OTT release date.


R Parthiban expressed his excitement for the movie’s OTT release and thanked the audience for their support, saying that they had been enquiring about the release for a long time. However, the director-actor demonstrated this fact by submitting materials from numerous websites and endorsements from movie partners.

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