Production of Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Hit ‘Silo’ Season 2 Halts Amidst Ongoing Hollywood Strikes

According to Deadline amid the ongoing Hollywood strikes, the filming of the highly acclaimed second season of the Apple TV+ sci-fi thriller ‘Silo’ has been placed on an indefinite hiatus. Originally set to take a break during a switch of sets in the UK this week, the series, starring Rebecca Ferguson and featuring a talented cast including Tim Robbins and Rashida Jones, now faces an extended pause until further notice as the strikes continue to impact the industry.

‘Silo,’ based on Hugh Howey’s gripping trilogy of dystopian novels, has been a major production at Hoddesdon Studios in Hertfordshire, with AMC Studios serving as the producer. The show’s popularity quickly soared, establishing itself as Apple’s number-one drama series.

Unfortunately, ‘Silo’ is not the only Apple sci-fi drama to be affected by the strikes. Industry insiders indicate that the production of the highly anticipated third season of ‘Foundation,’ which stars Jared Harris and Lee Pace and is an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s iconic books, is also likely to face disruptions. The show has been shooting in Prague, Czech Republic, under the production of Skydance Television.

The strikes have had a profound impact on several high-profile productions in the UK, with last week’s revelation that ‘Andor’ Season 2 shoot would remain incomplete due to actors walking off the set. Other notable films impacted include the Rami Malek thriller ‘Amateur,’ ‘Deadpool 3,’ and ‘Wicke.’

As the strikes persist, uncertainty looms over the entertainment industry, and fans eagerly await updates on when their favorite shows and films will resume production.

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