Priyank Chopra Finally Reveals Her Daughter’s Precious Face

Malti Marie Chopra, Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ daughter, attended the Jonas Brothers’ recent Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. The world was finally shown what Jonas looked like. Nevertheless, Priyanka and Nick continued to refrain from including Malti’s photo in their Instagram postings. But suddenly everything has changed.

Priyanka Chopra finally uploaded a photo of Malti’s face via Instagram on Sunday morning. She took a selfie while holding her close, showcasing Malti’s adorable face and pink onesie. She appeared to be in bed with a naked Nick in a later image, clutching Malti close to her while covering

Her posts have captions, “Days like this.” Her fans left her a tonne of comments on the post. “Those are the most precious days. Do enjoy,” wrote a fan. “So beautiful!! Heartwarming,” commented another. “Aww nicks favorite ladies looking beautiful as always,” read another comment.

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