Prasanth Varma and Ranveer Singh’s Collaboration Continues Amid Rumors

Despite Speculation, Filming for ‘Rakshas’ Progresses with Late-Night Shoots and Future Projects in the Pipeline

Producer Prasanth Varma, is continuing his collaboration with Ranveer Singh despite recent rumors. Varma, committed to the project, filmed until 4 am on Tuesday, with Ranveer Singh also having filmed several portions.

An insider from Prasanth’s team clarified to Hindustan Times, “It’s absolutely untrue that Prasanth Varma and Ranveer Singh have parted ways due to creative differences in their upcoming film from PCU (Prasanth Cinematic Universe). In fact, after a puja ritual on Hanuman Jayanthi, they began filming in Hyderabad. Ranveer has already shot a few scenes, and Prasanth continued filming late into the night.”

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, the movie titled Rakshas is slated to start production in July 2024. Contrary to previous reports from Pinkvilla suggesting Ranveer Singh would exit the project, the latest updates indicate ongoing collaboration and further projects together.

An earlier Pinkvilla report had mentioned, “Ranveer had traveled to Hyderabad in April for a photo shoot to announce the film. While all plans were in place, the official announcement faced delays. Ranveer Singh will no longer be a part of Prashanth Varma’s Rakshas. They were exploring and deciding several solutions, but have decided to move on with a promise of future collaboration.”

The source further explained, “Ranveer is prioritizing his family over his busy film commitments. While he is reviewing numerous scripts, he wants to spend more time with his family. He is satisfied with his current situation and is reading more to take on interesting projects. Currently, Don 3 and Shaktimaan are his confirmed upcoming movies.”

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