Pragya Kapoor’s Maali to premiere at South Asian Film Festival

Pragya Kapoor, an eccentric film producer, has a strong affinity for the environment. Her film, “Maali,” which focuses on the environment, debuted on August 18 at the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne and will now formally be a part of the Chicago South Asian Film Festival.

Maali is the story of 16-year-old Tulsi’s trip from the tranquil highlands to the concrete jungle and her struggle after seeing the greed, loneliness, and melancholy that characterize city life. The Shiv. C. Shetty-directed movie received a lot of praise at IFFM for accurately depicting the ongoing deforestation. The video also strongly emphasizes the loss of mental health as a result of escalating urbanization and nature’s ceaseless sabotage.

Pragya expressed her joy on the movie’s official submission to CSAFF by saying, “I really feel happy that the film is being appreciated at such a level. I am grateful that I got to be the presenter of Maali.”

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