Paris Hilton’s Pregnancy Still Dawning On Her

Paris Hiton shocked the public when she announced that she and her husband Carter Reum had given birth to a boy through surrogacy. In a recent interview, Paris stated that the child was born through a surrogate. The socialite and reality TV star both shared their pregnancy news on Instagram.

Paris posted a picture of her son’s first photo, in which the new mother is shown holding the child’s hand. The Parisian captioned her photo with the phrase “You are already adored beyond words.

Celebrities such as model Chrissy Teigen and reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian thanked the pair in the post’s comments section. Chrissy remarked: “A BABY!!!!! Congratulations so happy for you both!!” Singer Demi Lovato wrote, “Congratulations sis!!!!” Kim, who has been a close friend of Paris’ for years, commented on her baby announcement shared via Instagram, “So happy for you guys!!!”

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