Parineeti Chopra’s Musical Wedding: Love, Laughter, and ‘O Piya’ Serenades!

The official wedding video of actor Parineeti Chopra and politician Raghav Chadha is proof that they had the most perfect wedding. The video was published on social media by Parineeti on Friday. She wrote, “To my husband.

Pictures of Parineeti and Raghav getting ready for their nuptials open the video. A video also depicts Parineeti observing the baraat from her balcony and hiding behind a family member so Raghav would not notice her.Raghav made a kind gesture to her as she was walking down the aisle to tell her that she looked lovely. As she landed on the altar and was covered in flowers, they exchanged hugs and varmalas.

Parineeti gave her wedding ceremony a unique musical twist. On September 24, at The Leela Palace in Udaipur, she sang in her own voice while recording the song “O Piya,” which was played during the wedding ceremonies.

Parineeti sang a song with lyrics in Punjabi and Hindi on how much she loves Raghav. Along with Sunny M.R. and Harjot Kaur, Gaurav Duta wrote and created the special song.
Online video clips of the wedding ceremony are widely available. This specific song can be heard playing in the background of one of the videos during the varmala process. YouTube and music streaming services both have the song’s audio available.

On Friday, Parineeti’s fan page posted a picture and a video of her taking part in her haldi ceremony with Raghav. She is pictured wearing an eye-catching pink outfit, a white headband, and golden chandelier earrings. Raghav is dressed in a white, haldi-coated kurta pajama. They are seated among their friends and family, under a canopy of flowers. A video also captures Parineeti kissing a pal in the air.

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