Paparazzi Culture Not for Ileana D’Cruz

In a recent interview, Ileana D’Cruz was questioned about “her disappearing act,” to which the actor replied that she “hated it” when people made such comments about her. Ileana claimed she hadn’t “vanished” and was still present, but unlike many other celebrities, she wasn’t constantly being photographed. Ileana explained why, in her opinion, the “paparazzi culture” is not for her..

Ileana spoke to The Times of India about “her disappearing act” when questioned, “I hate it when people say that! I don’t vanish! I am right here. You don’t see me getting papped, because I don’t share my whereabouts.”

“I did get the taste of the pap culture a while ago, but I realised it wasn’t meant for me. It’s not who I am, and I think it’s completely okay to be different. I have been working and have finished shooting a lot of good work. So, yes, I have been doing good work, but doing it very quietly with my head down.”

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