Omkara and Desi Boyz getting a REMAKE…

Anand Pandit revealed on Thursday that he will work with Eros International to develop the iconic film “Omkara” in a remake. Pandit also disclosed that a sequel to the Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone film “Desi Boyz” was in the works.

Pandit stated in a statement, “Omkara and Desi Boyz set the bar for storytelling, star power, and music in their own eras. They continue to be remembered for their mastery of their particular genres.” He continued by saying that it looked like the ideal time to revisit these classics and continue the narrative for a new audience.

Despite this, the news has not exactly pleased the fans. “Aap omkaara ka remake mat karo uska prequel banao kush challenge wala kaam karo Bollywood mein bohat kam prequel bane hai,” a person commented on Anand’s tweet.”

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