New Poster of Emraan Hashmi as the Antagonist in Tiger 3 Unveiled One Day After Trailer Release

Mumbai, October 20, 2023 – The highly anticipated third installment of the Tiger film series, “Tiger 3,” has sent shockwaves of excitement through Bollywood fans as a captivating new poster featuring Emraan Hashmi as the movie’s malevolent antagonist is unveiled. This reveal comes just one day after the thrilling trailer for the film was released. The poster showcases Emraan Hashmi, known for his role in “Murder,” exuding an aura of menace while gripping a firearm in his hand.

Salman Khan, the original Tiger of the series, took to social media to unveil the character name of Emraan Hashmi in “Tiger 3.” He captioned the poster with, “Aatish aka Emraan Hashmi karega Aatishbaazi #Tiger3 mein. Aisi dushmani mein mazaa hi kuch aur hai… (Aatish aka Emraan Hashmi will create fireworks in Tiger 3. There is a lot of fun in this kind of enmity).”

Emraan Hashmi, not to be outdone, shared the poster on his Instagram account with the caption: “Aatish ke saath aatishbaazi… bhaari padega Tiger. (Enmity with Aatish will cost you Tiger).”

For those who might not be in the know, Emraan Hashmi takes on the role of the antagonist in “Tiger 3” and is on a mission to disrupt the life and family of Tiger, portrayed by Salman Khan. Throughout the trailer, fans are tantalized by Emraan Hashmi’s voiceovers until he dramatically appears in the final few seconds, delivering the now-iconic line, “Welcome to Pakistan,” to a bloodied and bound Tiger.

Emraan Hashmi made a swift release of the movie’s trailer on social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter). Within mere minutes, fans flocked to his account to express their thoughts and anticipation. Impressively, Emraan Hashmi’s character overshadowed the post, with one follower stating, “Tiger finally got a worthy opponent. Bring it on Emraan, bring it on,” while another eagerly commented, “Blockbuster on cards. Loved your voiceover and look in the trailer. Excited for the movie.” The battle lines are drawn, and “Tiger 3” promises an epic clash between Emraan Hashmi and Salman Khan that fans are eagerly awaiting.

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