Netflix Announces Upcoming Japanese Live-Action Romantic Drama Series ‘Beyond Goodbye’

Adding another title to its fast-increasing Japan live-action originals portfolio, Netflix announced the romantic drama series ‘Beyond Goodbye’ on September 13, 2023.

In a statement, the American streaming giant mentioned that after “Crash Landing on You” and “First Love,” ‘Beyond Goodbye’ will be the new epic romantic series created by Netflix.

According to Netflix, the forthcoming series is a fully original story by Yoshikazu Okada, who is recognized for his human drama works among the Japanese audience.

Netflix mentions that the series is a love story set in stunning and breathtaking locales that illustrates the bittersweet miracle of two individuals whose lives are thrown together by fate.

The plot follows Saeko’s fiancé, Yusuke, who is killed in a road accident. While attempting to overcome her loss, she encounters Naruse, a man who oddly resembles Yusuke. She had no idea that Naruse had gotten Yusuke’s heart a few months before their meeting—a heart that was still in love and held all the memories of Yusuke and Saeko’s relationship.
Kasumi Arimura and Kentaro Sakaguchi will be starring in lead roles in the series.

Netflix’s other latest Japan series launches include series like ‘Last One Standing,’ ‘Light House,’ ‘Burn the House Down,’ ‘Sanctuary,’ ‘The Makanai: Cooking in the Maiko House’ and the second season of ‘Alice in Borderland.’

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