Neil Nitin Mukesh on his Bollywood Career

Neil Nitin Mukesh, who debuted in the entertainment industry as an actor in Johnny Gaddaar, then made the transition to producing with his most recent project, Bypass Road. Recently, the actor also said that he has been working on an exciting project that will be revealed shortly.

“Yes, I have been working on something fantastic, ” he affirms. I just don’t have the opportunity to begin filming. We had anticipated travelling along a particular path, but the epidemic caused many changes in the situation. Therefore, we changed course, which is much more thrilling! I hope to make an announcement shortly.”

“Work keeps flowing in, and I’m talking to plenty of people. There are some good deals as well, but ultimately the arithmetic has to add up. For instance, a brilliant narrative may come your way, but the production company may not have the same idea for how to carry it out. I’m also experimenting with the platform as a producer. You may not always receive the offers you deserve.

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