Neha Kakkar gives her thoughts on the controversy on her song ‘O Sajna ‘

The Fabulous Singer of Bollywood Neha Kakkar sent a mysterious message on her social media on Saturday after receiving criticism for her most recent song, “O Sajna,” from singer Falguni Pathak.
Neha Kakkar posted on Instagram and stated, “If talking in such a manner, saying such bad things about me, abusing me…makes them feel good and if they think it will ruin my day. Then I’m sorry to inform them that I’m too blessed to have bad days. This God’s child is always happy because God himself/herself is keeping me happy.”

Another story was written by Neha, “For those who’re so unhappy seeing me HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL. I feel sorry for them. Bechare. Plz keep commenting I won’t even delete them, Coz I Know and Everybody knows what NEHA KAKKAR is.”
According to a tale Falguni told, a supporter urged her to take legal action against Neha for defaming the music. Several media outlets reported that the Gujarati singer responded to that news by saying, “I wish I could but the rights are not with me.”

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