Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Strange realization after HADDI

The recent release of Nawazuddin’s first image from the upcoming movie Haddi created news. In the movie, the actor takes on the roles of a transgender person and a woman. According to Nawazuddin, he now understands why actresses spend so much time getting ready for a scene.

He spoke to Bombay Times about how he now has greater regard for actresses, “My daughter was very upset when she saw me dressed as a woman. She now knows that it’s for a role and is fine now. I must say this, after this experience, I have huge respect. There are so many things, hair, make-up, clothes, nails…they take the whole world with them. Now I know why an actress may take longer than her male counterpart to get out of her vanity van. It’s absolutely justified. I will have more patience now!”

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