National Award-Winning Actress Kriti Sanon’s GMAT Journey: Balancing Bollywood Stardom with a Backup Plan

In order to give her parents peace of mind regarding her future, actress Kriti Sanon, who was recently recognized with the National Film Award for Best Actress for her portrayal in Mimi (2021), had to enter the film profession with a backup plan. She took the GMAT to make sure she would attend a top business school even if her film career didn’t work out.

Kriti recently revealed that although though she comes from a middle-class family—her parents are professors and CAs, respectively—she didn’t have to exert much effort to persuade them to work in the Indian film industry. She merely needed to have a Plan B as a requirement. Kriti stated in an interview with Curly Tales,
“It didn’t require a lot of convincing but I had to give them a backup plan. I had to take the GMAT exam and get a good score.”

Kriti relocated to Mumbai and attended coaching sessions to get ready for the GMAT exam while also trying to land a role in a movie. “I just moved to Mumbai and I was going for these GMAT preparation classes while I was trying for movies and doing modelling. I got my first Telugu film (Mahesh Babu’s 1: Nenokkadine) and I also got Heropanti. Heropanti was supposed to start a little later and my second schedule of the Telugu was supposed to start after two months. So, I had two months in the middle and I took the GMAT exam then,” narrated Kriti.

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