Naseeruddin Shah Talks About Politics Inserting Into Cinema

Naseeruddin Shah expressed his thoughts on how stereotypes have been employed repeatedly in Hindi films to depict communities and mock others. The evergreen actor believed that while movies have encouraged people to mock groups like the Sikhs or the Parsis, people become sensitive when it comes to laughing at themselves. Together with his wife, actor Ratna Pathak Shah, he participated in a panel discussion at a cultural event in New Delhi in December where he discussed the generalisation of humour.

Naseeruddin elaborated on how Hindi films have been following a pattern of stereotyping since the early days of cinema in a video of the actors speaking at the panel. He perceived little to no change since then. Many Twitter users concurred with the seasoned actor’s analysis. One fan said, “Very well said by Naseer ji! It applies to our society…perhaps all of us…” One more said, “Sahi Hai na (That’s correct). We were there at this session and the entire discussion was very practical and inward looking.”

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