Morfydd Clark’s Love for the Revealing Nature of Horror

The Actress Discusses Her Latest Creepy Flick ‘Starve Acre’

Welsh actress Morfydd Clark, aged 33, has a deep appreciation for the intriguing nature of horror in the world of cinema. In her latest venture, the spine-tingling film ‘Starve Acre,’ she takes on a leading role and explores the various ways the horror genre affects its audience.

Clark, known for her diverse acting portfolio, has graced both the big and small screens with her talents. Her impressive resume includes her portrayal of Galadriel in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ and her compelling performance in the psychological horror masterpiece ‘Saint Maud.’ In addition, she has left her mark on films such as ‘Love & Friendship,’ ‘Interlude in Prague,’ and ‘The Personal History of David Copperfield,’ while also making appearances in notable series like ‘Dracula,’ where she played Mina Harker, and ‘His Dark Materials,’ in the role of Sister Clara.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Morfydd Clark shared her fascination with horror, saying, “This is what I always just love about horror in general because everybody has their own particular thing that makes them be like, ‘Oh.'”

Continuing her discussion, she revealed, “I like that about ‘Black Mirror’ as well. I love asking people what their most horrific ‘Black Mirror’ episode is because it’s quite revealing. I think horror is really interesting like that.”

‘Starve Acre’ is a chilling narrative that delves into the disruption of a peaceful rural family when their son begins to display bizarre behavior. Morfydd Clark described the shooting experience as “quite eerie,” especially given the isolated location of the house used in the production.

The star of ‘The Rings of Power’ explained, “Yeah, I think you definitely do get creeped out. And that house we were in, it’s in the valley, so you couldn’t see anything but the fields around you. There almost wasn’t a horizon despite being in the middle of nowhere, which was quite eerie. You really did feel like you were trapped in openness.”

As she delved further into her experience, Morfydd Clark stated, “And those kinds of sets are such a weird mixture of having to be very serious at times, but also you’re doing ridiculous things – everyone exhausted but elated, and hysteria is only like a second away. And we also had a lot of animals.”

She went on to express her appreciation for the “bonding experience” that comes with making an indie film, particularly one set in a single location. Starring alongside former ‘Doctor Who’ actor Matt Smith, she commented, “There’s something really special about indies, particularly ones that are filmed in one location. As I said, all the crew and cast could fit into one room, and you do become incredibly close, and you’re in your own kind of cabin fever experience. It has a particular bonding experience.”

Directed by Daniel Kokotajlo, ‘Starve Acre’ is an adaptation of Andrew Michael Hurley’s third novel of the same name. The film features a talented cast, including Matt Smith, Morfydd Clark, Erin Richards, Sean Gilder, Robert Emms, Roger Barclay, Matilda Firth, and more.

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