Millie Bobby Brown Embraces Future as “Stranger Things” Culminates in its Fifth Season

Millie Bobby Brown, renowned for her portrayal of Eleven in the hit series “Stranger Things,” is openly discussing the impending conclusion of the show’s riveting narrative and expressing her readiness to bid farewell to her iconic character.

As the highly anticipated fifth and final season of the series draws near, Brown is eager to embark on new horizons. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, she candidly shared her thoughts on the forthcoming conclusion. “I think I’m prepared. It’s been an immense part of my life, but it’s akin to graduating high school—senior year,” Brown articulated to the publication. “You’re poised to venture forth, to grow and prosper. You’re appreciative of the experiences you’ve had, yet it’s time to carve out your individual narrative and embrace your own journey.”

Brown’s sentiments echo those of her co-star, David Harbour, who embodies the role of Eleven’s paternal figure, Jim Hopper. Earlier this year, Harbour expressed his belief that the series should conclude, despite his deep affection for his involvement in it. “It’s amusing, when I commenced the show, I never envisioned its closure. That’s what endears me to the show. I believe it’s an exceptional show, even without my participation,” Harbour conveyed during an interview with Discussing Film. “Now, nearly nine years since the filming of the inaugural season, I sense that the time has come for it to reach its conclusion.”

Yet, despite the cast’s eagerness to depart from the fictional town of Hawkins, a hurdle in the form of a writers and actors’ strike has impeded the progress of the final season’s production. Netflix has yet to secure an agreement, leaving the initiation of new production shrouded in uncertainty.

In addition to the final season, Netflix is embarking on an innovative venture—an animated series derived from the visionary minds of the Duffer Brothers, the creators of “Stranger Things.” As of now, it remains unclear whether the original actors from the live-action series will partake in the animated rendition, leaving fans curious about the direction the franchise will take beyond its imminent conclusion.

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