Mila Kunis’s Luckiest Girl Alive to Arrive on Netflix in October

The Netflix adaptation of the same-titled 2015 bestseller book by Jessica Knoll starring Mila Kunis is titled “Luckiest Girl Alive.” The premiere of this Mike Barker-directed American mystery thriller is scheduled for September 30, 2022, and it will start streaming on Netflix on October 7, 2022..

Kunis brings the editor of the New York Times Magazine, Ani FaNelli, to life. Ani is shown to be leading the ideal New York City life up until she meets the producer of a real crime film, who makes her face a past that puts her future in danger. These Mila Kunis films are a must-see up to the release of this upcoming thriller blockbuster.
The next Netflix mystery named The Luckiest Girl Alive has garnered the most interest from viewers. Based on the same-named best-selling novel, the film.

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