Middle Class Love – Trailer Out Now

Anubhav Sinha launches ‘hamare wale newcomers’ With his most recent production, Anubhav Sinha introduces Ratnaa Sinha, his wife, as the director of the movie. The trailer for Middle Class Love, the newest production from Anubhav Sinha’s Benaras Media, has been made available. The movie, which was directed by his wife Ratnaa Sinha, stars Eisha Singh and Kavya Thapar as well as Maska actor Prit Kamani. Manoj Pahwa has a significant role in the movie as well..

Every successful man has a woman by his side, but every middle-class man has a son by his side who frequently receives advice on how to save money. This is how the trailer opens. We soon find ourselves in the living room of a normal middle-class family, where Manoj Pahwa plays the father reprimanding his son (Prit) for overspending while holding a shoe in his hands. Soon, we learn that the son has his sights set on a wealthy girl who he wants to date in order to escape the agony of middle class life.

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