Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan’s Verbal Spat

In the previous interview, Michelle Yeoh openly attacked Jackie Chan. She called Jackie Chan a “male chauvinistic pig” and expressed her ire at his contentious assertions and statements. She even told the Rush Hour actor some unvarnished truths.

The host and comedian David Letterman questioned the Malaysian actress during her appearance on his show if Jackie had introduced her to the movie industry. Actually, he’s a masculine chauvinistic pig, she said, laughing it off. We have a great friendship, Jackie and I. I tell him this, you understand? in front of him. Except for Michelle, he has always believed that women should remain at home, cook, and otherwise abdicate responsibility.

Michelle Yeoh didn’t stop there; she continued by saying that Jackie Chan is aware that she has the ability to kick him in the butt if he meddles with her excessively. Except for Michelle, she said, “he said I’d kick his butt.”

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