Manoj Bajpayee speaks about success in the Foreign Film Festivals

Manoj Bajpayee is no longer surprised when his movies receive praise when they screen at foreign film festivals. This time, it’s his newest Joram, which will make its international premiere at the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Big Screen Competition segment (IFFR).

He said, “This is an opportunity for the film to stamp in the beginning of it’s journey itself. It’s shaped up very well, and the way Devashish (Makhija, director) also spoke about the film, I am very proud. He started his journey with me (with the film Bhosle; 2020), and is showing the nation what kind of a filmmaker he is.”

He doesn’t only stick to huge movies; he continues to support smaller, independent ventures. Smaller films are currently performing better than major ones, according to Bajpayee. “The companies that are succeeding are the small banners. Large banners do not imply high-quality content. He is very clear: “I search for directors and writers who are pivotal.

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