Manoj Bajpayee Shares Insights on VFX and South Indian Cinema Ahead of His 100th Film Release

In an Exclusive Masterclass With Pinkvilla, the Versatile Actor Discusses Cinematic Trends and Cultural Influences

Renowned actor Manoj Bajpayee, celebrated for his diverse roles in the entertainment industry, is on the cusp of releasing his 100th film titled *Bhaiyya Ji*. In anticipation of this milestone, Bajpayee engaged in an exclusive Masterclass with Pinkvilla, delving into a range of topics including the utilization of VFX in contemporary cinema and the success of South Indian films.

When questioned about the prevalence of VFX in today’s films, Bajpayee reflected on its recent integration into the cinematic landscape, noting its successful implementation in select projects over the past couple of years. He emphasized the importance of understanding audience preferences, suggesting that filmmakers should heed the signals conveyed by viewers.

Intriguingly, Bajpayee diverted the conversation towards the phenomenon of South Indian cinema’s resonance with audiences. He attributed its popularity to a unique blend of innovative shot-taking techniques, original storytelling, and cultural authenticity. Highlighting the symbolic significance of attire, he humorously remarked on the iconic image of South Indian heroes adjusting their lungis before engaging in action sequences.

Drawing parallels between South Indian cinema and its northern counterpart, Bajpayee advocated for a closer connection between films and the cultural ethos of the audience. He underscored the necessity for protagonists to embody relatable figures, echoing sentiments reminiscent of Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha’s iconic portrayals, where audiences perceived the heroes’ struggles as their own.

As he gears up for the release of *Bhaiyya Ji*, Bajpayee emphasized the importance of audience resonance, asserting that the film’s success hinges on its ability to strike a chord with viewers. Directed by Apoorv Singh Karki, the film is slated for release on May 24, 2024, boasting a talented ensemble cast including Vipin Sharma, Zoya Hussain, Suvinder Vicky, and Jatin Goswami.

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