Liger’s distributor Blames Fans for the film’s failures

Liger’s distributor for south India, Warangal Srinu, claims the movie has been sabotaged and that there “looks to be a systematic campaign” against the team. In a recent interview, Srinu also addressed rumours that he had lost $100 million in the previous year, adding the loss brought on by Liger. He also discussed Vijay Deverakonda, who plays the title character in the movie, and his comments. Speaking about a group of persons who demanded that the movie be boycotted, Warangal said that, ‘we are ruining poor families of poor crew members.

Srinu said, “Sabotage is the word.” He also provided clarification on the loss of 100 crore in the previous 12 months. He denied the accusations and admitted that he “lost a lot of money, without a doubt.” He added as well, “As on Liger, I have lost something to the tune of 65 percent of my investment.”

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