Leslie Jordan Passes Away Due to Natural Causes

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office has determined that Leslie Jordan, an actor whose sardonic Southern drawl and adaptability made him a standout on TV shows like “Will & Grace” and “American Horror Story,” passed away last year from natural causes as opposed to a car accident.

According to a report by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner, the 67-year-old actor passed away from abrupt cardiac failure brought on by arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

The hardening of the arteries, or arteriosclerosis, can reduce blood flow. On October 24, Jordan’s car crashed in the Hollywood neighbourhood, and he passed away there. According to the coroner’s report, an autopsy revealed no evidence of a life-threatening injury, and the cause of death was designated as natural. At the time of his death, Jordan had been drug- and alcohol-free for more than 20 years, and toxicology tests revealed neither of these substances to be present in his body

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