Legal Battle Brews Over Epic Film “Ramayana” as Producer Claims Unpaid Dues

Madhu Mantena Issues Warning Amidst Intellectual Property Dispute, Threatens Legal Action

In the annals of Indian cinema, few projects have generated as much anticipation and controversy as the upcoming film adaptation of the timeless epic, “Ramayana”. What began as a promising venture, with renowned names like Madhu Mantena, Allu Aravind, and Namit Malhotra joining forces, has now plunged into the depths of a legal quagmire.

Originally conceived around 2019 – 2020, the film’s journey to the silver screen has been fraught with delays and setbacks. Despite years in development, it wasn’t until 2024 that the cameras finally started rolling, only to be greeted by a storm of legal troubles.

Central to this turmoil is Madhu Mantena, one of the film’s ex-producers, who has raised a formidable challenge over the project’s intellectual property rights. Alleging non-payment of dues, Mantena has issued a stern public notice, putting the film’s current producers on notice.

According to Mantena’s notice, the rights to “Project Ramayana” remain under his ownership, as the agreed-upon payment from Prime Focus Technologies Limited, the film’s current producer, has not materialized. This has cast a shadow over the production, potentially jeopardizing its future.

In simpler terms, while Mantena may have parted ways with the project, his claim to its intellectual property remains steadfast. Any attempt by the current producers to utilize the script or material without fulfilling their financial obligations could lead to legal ramifications.

Adding to the complexity is the recent involvement of Kannada superstar Yash, who, alongside Namit Malhotra, seeks to navigate the film through these troubled waters. Whether Yash’s entry will provide a lifeline for the embattled project remains to be seen.

As the legal drama unfolds, questions loom over the fate of “Ramayana”. Will it emerge unscathed from this legal maelstrom, or will it become yet another casualty of the industry’s tumultuous landscape?

Amidst the uncertainty, the film continues its production under the direction of Nitesh Tiwari, boasting a star-studded cast including Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Ram, Sai Pallavi as Devi Sita, Sunny Deol as Bajrang Bali Hanuman, Lara Dutta as Kaikeyi, and Arun Govil as Dashrath.

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