Kota Factory 3’s Dramatic Climax: Writers Explain Vaibhav Pandey’s Unexpected Failure

Fans left questioning the show’s direction as writers detail the need for a third season and the rationale behind Vaibhav’s shocking setback


The release of Kota Factory 3, featuring Jitendra Kumar, has sparked widespread online discussions. While the series has garnered a strong following, the conclusion of Mayur More’s character, Vaibhav Pandey, left many fans disheartened.

In a recent interview, the series writers explained the necessity of the third season and addressed the controversial climax involving Vaibhav.

The Need for a Third Season

Speaking to India Today, writers Pravin Yadav, Puneet Batra, and Manish Chandwani highlighted the unfinished narrative arc from the previous seasons. Puneet Batra emphasized that the journey initiated in the first two seasons required closure, which necessitated a new season.

Vaibhav Pandey’s Exam Failure: A Realistic Twist

Puneet Batra discussed the decision to have Vaibhav fail his exam, defying audience expectations. He noted that in reality, out of 1.1 million students, only 11,000 achieve top ranks, meaning 99% don’t make it, including those expected to succeed.

Batra explained, “We wanted to show that even the protagonist can fail.” This sentiment was subtly portrayed throughout the series, resonating with many viewers.

He further detailed Vaibhav’s anxiety the night before the exam, his panic upon reaching the wrong center, and the supportive gesture from a fellow student. The line, “Your preparation is full, but it is your temperament that will decide your success,” underscored the importance of mental composure.

Personal Inspiration for the Climax

Puneet Batra shared a personal story that inspired Vaibhav’s wrong center mishap. During his exams, a stranger helped him reach the correct center, a moment he wanted to depict in the series. Batra expressed satisfaction that his co-writers supported this narrative choice.

Emphasizing ‘Temperament’

Pravin Yadav stressed that Vaibhav’s mental state made success unlikely, highlighting the crucial role of temperament on exam day. “Ideal conditions are found in labs, not in life,” he remarked, pointing out that most students face significant challenges.

The writers concluded by assuring fans that Vaibhav’s story is not over, hinting at future developments in his journey.

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