Kim Kardashian gets an invitation to the Bachelorette

This year’s competitors Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey have now extended an invitation to Kim Kardashian to take the role of The Bachelorette’s next leading lady. Rachel and Gabby discussed how choosing Kardashian as the lead for the upcoming season would be a wise choice while speaking to E! Daily! Pop.

Speaking about the reasons why Kardashian would make a great lead on the renowned dating reality programme, Rachel said, “I think we’d be honoured to have Kim K. in the sisterhood.” Further reiterating her co-remarks, star’s Gabby said, “I would give Kim no advice because she is also the queen and is a man-eater and that’s what we need.” Rachel maintained that Kim should definitely “follow her heart.”Rachel and Gabby weren’t the only ones to appear to think that having Kim Kardashian on the programme would be a fantastic idea; host Jesse Palmer also remarked that Pete Davidson for The Bachelor would work.

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