Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Fans For Absurd Reason

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian apologized to her followers on Twitter for not live tweeting the premiere of the Kardashian family’s Hulu reality series, The Kardashians.”Sorry sorry I’m here! Sorry had to pull up to the Blink 182 concert. I did NOT forget about you guys,” wrote Kardashian on Twitter.

Kim went to a Travis Barker concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Travis is the spouse of Kim Kardashian’s sister Kourtney. She and Kortney attended the concert to observe Barker play the drums with his band, Blink-182.

Kim was the subject of a selfie that Kourtney shared on her Instagram Stories.
“Look who’s together on @kardashianshulu season 3 premiere night.” In the photo, Kim is seen showing a peace sign and there appears to be a Kardashians film crew behind the sisters.

Kim uploaded a video of Kourtney, herself, and a few friends dancing to Blink-182 together.Kourtney also shared a picture of herself snuggled up in her husband Barker’s arms, the two of them sharing a tender kiss.
All of this coziness has emerged in response to the conflict between Kim and Kourtney that was depicted in The Kardashians episodes that had already been filmed.

The third season of “The Kardashians” debuted on Thursday, and in the meanwhile, Kim accepted Dolce & Gabbana’s invitation to work together on a Kim-focused collection. Notably, the same designers had previously staged Kourtney and Travis’ Italian wedding. The conflict between the two sisters may come to light as a result of this drama.

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