Kevin Hart Returns with More Action and Laughs in ‘Die Hart 2: Die Harter’ Trailer

Joined by John Cena, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Ben Schwartz, Hart Faces New Challenges in His Quest to Become the Ultimate Action Star in the Highly-Anticipated Sequel

The trailer for “Die Hart 2: Die Harter” showcases Kevin Hart’s return in this comedic meta-action series. In this sequel, Hart, playing a fictionalized version of himself, aims to solidify his status as the greatest action star ever by creating a revolutionary movie with unscripted and unexpected action sequences. However, his plans go awry when a figure from his past returns, seeking revenge. The trailer is packed with humor and action, highlighting the return of Nathalie Emmanuel as Jordan King and introducing John Cena as the blonde-haired stuntman Mr. 206. Cena’s character adds a new layer of action and comedy to the series

Directed by Eric Appel and written by Tripper Clancy, “Die Hart 2” continues the journey from the first season where Hart transitioned from comedic sidekick to action hero. The trailer hints at high-stakes scenarios and comedic mishaps, with Hart enlisting the help of his assistant Andre, played by Ben Schwartz, and Andre’s mother Cynthia, portrayed by Paula Pell. The series also retains its self-referential humor, poking fun at action movie tropes while delivering thrilling stunts. Set to stream on The Roku Channel from March 31, 2023, the new season promises to blend intense action with Hart’s signature comedic style.

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