Katrina Kaif Caught Off-Guard by Unauthorized Filming in London

Speculation Grows Despite Her Team Denying Pregnancy Rumors

Katrina Kaif recently appeared visibly uncomfortable when someone attempted to record her and her husband, Vicky Kaushal, without permission during their outing in London. Despite her team dismissing pregnancy rumors, speculation about Katrina expecting her first child with Vicky continues to circulate.

A new video, shared on Reddit, shows the couple out and about, with Katrina asking Vicky to turn around after noticing they were being filmed. Reactions to the video varied, with one user questioning, “Why did she go back after spotting the cameraperson?” while another commented, “She looks mad at the camera person for taking a video.” Another viewer noted, “She pulls back Vicky because she notices she is being filmed and is making him aware.”

The incident has sparked a conversation about privacy, with one commenter stating, “People need to stop filming others sneakily.” Others speculated about Katrina’s reaction, pondering if she requested the video not be posted.

Katrina and Vicky spotted in London
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In the midst of this, a report by Zoom recently claimed that Katrina is pregnant. However, her representative agency refuted the report, urging media outlets to “immediately stop this unconfirmed reporting and speculation.” A source quoted by Zoom suggested there might be some truth to the rumors, indicating that Katrina and Vicky could welcome their first child in the UK. Katrina, who has roots in the UK and owns a house in London’s Hampstead, is reportedly planning to deliver her baby in London.

As the rumors persist, fans and media alike are left eagerly awaiting official news from the star couple.

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